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Product management is a ‘premium career’ today. Literally everyone worth their salt in the technology space works with a Product person and/or aspires to be a Product person. In the current internet age it does throws up the questions-

“Why is Product management such a popular /much wanted career with the millennials ?”

“What does Product management offer that is such a winning career in today’s technology era?”

“What’s the potential of Product management in the years to come and is it here to stay ?”

Below are some top reasons why a career in Product management is today a…

Having donned both the consultant and the execution hats in my career,here I would like to note some typical situations that a consultant comes across in their everyday work-life and some of the golden truths of a consultant’s life :

Life is in the fast lane

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I am sure this is a topic each of us would like to have it figured out very early on in life or as early as we can get to it. Because we all appreciate the fact that having a purpose in life will make our life more meaningful, make it more livable, fill us with motivation everyday and absolutely add a silver lining to this secret called life that each one of us in blessed with.

But do most of us really know our life's purpose or what we are meant to do or be. Its true that a…

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The Outliers- the Story of success is Malcolm Gladwell’s third masterpiece published in 2008, following closely on the mega successes of - ‘The Tipping point’ and ‘Blink’. Malcolm Gladwell is an English Canadian writer who has been a non fiction writer and a staff writer at the New Yorker.

‘Outliers’ which is originally from statistics means the data point or value that lies significantly away or far flung from the mean value or average. Therefore an ‘Outlier ‘ is a Straggler or ‘far from the rest’. …

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Product Management and Project management — Both of these areas of knowledge have been around for time immemorial , much before the advent of information technology. Truly!

If one were to understand how the Egyptians built the Pyramids- one can dissect this to be a very long term project (taking several decades), employing resources (the slaves who the Egyptian rulers employed and the tons of bricks stacked to build the giant structures) and resulting in the end Product ( the Egyptian pyramids- as we know them today to be one of the Seven wonders of the World). …

This picture is in front of the Bascillica at Assisi in the Umbria region of Italy
This picture is in front of the Bascillica at Assisi in the Umbria region of Italy
This picture is in front of the Basilica at Assisi in the Umbria region of Italy

A.Travel tells us that the world is one

The Product manager is the CEO of the Product and the Product vision

A Product or a Commodity is a set of features or productive uses that it can be put to. A Product should help the end user achieve certain specific goals with the best possible degree of adoption.

Therefore it becomes highly imperative for the Product to be designed andefined in a manner that it enthuses the end users, has a high usability among the target customers and stays a mature Product on the Product lifecycle curve for an extended periodTherefore the role of the Product evangelist / manager becomes more challenging and tricky — should s(hegive the end user a…

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