Reentry- coming back to my Hometown every time(MWC Reentry)

Photo by satyaprakash kumawat on Unsplash

The Bengaluru International Airport — the first sight that beholds me each time.

The Bengaluru International Airport : Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

The drive from the airport — brings in so many observations and the contrasts :

The drive down from the airport is another exciting feeling. As generally the drive happens in the early hours of the day due to the flights mostly arriving at the time- it is a very serene drive in the cool air of Bengaluru and the serene Bengaluru roads at the time as opposed to when the day begins and the roads become choc-o-bloc as is characteristic of Bengaluru.

Traffic and Bengaluru roads : Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

The changing landscape of Namma Bengaluru and its new landmarks

It is indeed a pleasure to pass by and note the historic landmarks which define Bengaluru in the different corners and also the new and upcoming landmarks which signify the evolving Bengaluru.

New Bengaluru landscape : Photo by Rajeev Chanda on Unsplash

The bustle and the colorful milieu

What stands out in Bengaluru or for that matter any Indian city/town is the colorful milieu that greets you. Be it the colorful clothes that we Indian wear- as bright colors such as reds, greens, yellow, orange, pink, blue are all part of our heritage used richly in our clothes. India even has a festival to celebrate its love for colors — the Holi festival (The Festival of Colors)!

The Festival Holi : Photo by Himanshu Singh Gurjar on Unsplash
Indian Festivals and Weddings : By Samir103 — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The Nostalgia of the different phases spent in the city

Every aspect of the city — old and knew brings back a flood of memories. Passing by my school and the neighborhood where we spent many a years and the sights and sounds that greets me- some the same and some completely transformed. The landmarks where I spent time with friends and family- all turned into sweet and cherished memories now!

Gen Z in Bengaluru :Photo by Satheesh Sankaran on Unsplash

Some Discerning epiphanies during the different visits and stays :

All said and done there are some observations that have left me totally in awe , amusement or even totally shocked!

The Initial Mobile phones in 2000's
New Age luxury Car Owners in Bengaluru :Photo by Utkarsh Shankar on Unsplash
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