What one should know and care about when desiring to study Abroad

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  • It is in an area of study that one desires
  • the long term prospects and benefits outweigh current expenditure
  • Its going to be some serious study and some serious fun!
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- Course(s) of Study/Electives:

One of the main draws of any university /institution is the programs they offer and the courses in an area of one’s interest. For e.g. one might be passionate to become a lawyer and want to target the Ivy league Law schools in the world — including Harvard university , Chicago , Cambridge university, National Law School of India etc. And depending on whether one is keen on Corporate law Vs Human rights law, the choice would be limited to a handful schools.

- Location :

One of the important factors one would want to consider is the location of the university or school. As one might want a school that is situated overseas but probably a quick flight or drive to home .( E.g. if one’s family is in England , then a school in Paris is a short drive or Ferry away).

- Program Fees and Finances:

It can be said that this is one of the vital of all factors and the most ignored when aspiring to study overseas.

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- Living arrangements , living expenses and Study arrangements

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  • going to be sharing space, rent and spending your spare time with room mates ? Or
  • you rather live in the campus dorm with your dorm room?
  • Your privacy and how you would like to share vs have your own private space to be able to focus on your tasks at hand.
  • Living expenses that you have to account for — which could include a number of components (not limited to)

- Supplementary /On campus jobs :

Based on the section on Living expenses, to be able to at least earn the part of Living expenses during the course of the study program, there are several on campus jobs that one can and is lawfully permitted to engage in esp. in the US University campuses.

- Visa requirements , limitations and future immigration prospects :

Another crucial factor in order to be complaint to visa requirements etc. for going to pursue a study/undergraduate/graduate program in an overseas location.

  • the type of visa required to pursue program
  • Time required to factor in to obtain visa in order to apply for visa in time and obtain it time for the study program
  • Does the system allow for extended time beyond graduation to stay on and seek employment (e.g. Optional Practical training (OPT) in United States, work study visa in United kingdom etc.)
  • what are the work visa procedures to covert from study to work visa status
  • What is the process to become a permanent resident or naturalize (E.g. LPR process in United kingdom, H1B visa program towards Permanent residence in United States etc.)

- Internship opportunities & Job prospects post graduation :

In line with the many considerations thrown one’s way when looking to study overseas , the job or employment prospects post completing the program/graduating is the prime emphasis for many a aspirants and their families.

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- Finally — what is the Plan B (or Plan C!) if things don't pan out :

Also while the prospects are very exciting and definitely beneficial , if things weren't to turn out the way envisaged or planned , then what is your Plan B /Backup plan ?

  • In case the program you chose is not meeting your interest after spending some time in the program, what are your plans in terms of finding another suitable program etc.
  • If you find living away from family (a first time for many wanting to study abroad), then how do you plan to bridge this gap ?
  • If the program expenses are exceeding the planned budget , then how does one plan to cater to the additional expenses and impact on the other areas like living costs etc. ?
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