Why Travel is a potion for the Soul

This picture is in front of the Bascillica at Assisi in the Umbria region of Italy
This picture is in front of the Basilica at Assisi in the Umbria region of Italy

A.Travel tells us that the world is one

Everywhere we go in the world we find the similarity in the cultures E.g. the Sun god is worshipped by the cultures in the east such as Indian, Indonesian, Chinese as well as in the west i.e Latin America and across in Africa by the Egyptian culture too.We find that some form of food is given as a blessing in the places of worship be it the communion in the churches or the prasad in the temples.

B.Travel teaches us the rich history of our world

Travel teaches us how the world has evolved and changed through the sands of time. Every country through its palaces, castles, forts, bridges narrates the tales of who ruled the land, how successfully they carried on their administration, the opulence of their kingdom or government, history of the downfalls and treachery and many such tales of the yore.

C.Travel teaches us to admire the beauty of nature

No man can deny the beauty and sheer beauty and power of nature. Man stands defeated in front of nature and how miniscule he is in front of nature.Indeed mother nature needs to be admired in all her glory.

D.Travel teaches us how miniscule we are in the scheme of things

Wherever you travel in the world you realize its eclectic nature, the beauty of mother nature , beauty of its culture and people, how its so different and yet the same, the charm of its towns and cities and its mysteries.

One realizes that ones existance in the world is so tiddly in front of the mammoth nature of the world.

E. Travel teaches us accurate planning and estimating

Travel means deciding the budget, allocating the funds, dividing the budget further between food, travel, stay, activities etc. It involves outlaying the places to see, the most efficient route to take, finding the right people to form your travel group, identifying thr places of interest etc.

Therefore travel is a detailed exercise in planning and budgeting and getting our estimates right.

F.Travel teaches us to bond and share

Travel shows us that it is the experiences and the people we meet that matter and impact our travel and lives.It teaches us to share our love, bond as friends, experience the greatness of the world and admire the true spirit of human nature.

G. Travel changes us forever

Every step we take out of our own place, out of our comfort zone has the ability to make us a different person and completely change us and our view of the world. It makes us see the world through a different lens and change our limiting beliefs. It makes us less complacent from who we are to what is our identity in the larger scheme of things and humbles us forever.

So heres to happy travelling feet to all of us ! Bon voyage!

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